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The services provided are invaluable, the atmosphere is relaxing and the staff and providers are friendly, caring and knowledgeable. The Emsella chair is life changing, I saw improvement after 2 treatments and by the sixth treatment, I was amazed. It gave me my life back! I would highly recommended Mindful Roots and the Emsella chair to all women struggling with urinary issues.

Jennifer E

Emsella is a life changer for me at such a young age “36” to have urinary problems. After just the 4th treatment I have had 90% improvement. After the final treatment I’d say 98% improvements in being able to jog 6 miles without urinary problems when before I couldn’t do one. Best experience, down to earth medical providers, pain free. I would highly recommend this to others.

Michelle T

I have been visiting mindful roots for several months now for a variety of services. I always feel welcome and comfortable. I’m incredibly pleased with my results. As a physician myself I am very selective about who I would visit for medical aesthetics and this is the spot!

Emmy L

I just did Emsella protocol 2 and got a consistent and reliable happy result! Better intimacy, and less full feeling in my pelvis. VERY grateful. Yippee for us…

Roxanne W
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